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Marshstepper with Tollund Men, Transformations, Sleep Money and Frotlover. June 22, 2012

A very fun time with AZ friends a couple years ago. Hope to be able to visit them again sometime.

would be great to see them play here again

playing some records this saturday.

Tuesday April 29th, 2014.DREAMWEAPON (from Minneapolis, on Opal Tapes).MARSHSTEPPER (Ascetic House / Downwards / Chondritic Sound).MALLEVS (Gilgongo / Ascetic House).DISMAL LIGHT (Ascetic House / Cactus Man).
with DJs Jock Club and Glochids 
at The Monarch Theater Basement18+ / $6 / 8.30pm / enter-in through the back alley
[click for more info]
Happy Birthday El Duce

MALLEVS - s/t LP + 7” lathe 
Six tracks of dreary and beautiful female fronted industrial / post-punk / synth music (think early New Order by way of Pain Teens or Throbbing Gristle). LP version of a cassette previously released on Ascetic House. Pre-order comes with 7” lathe that is limited to those that choose to pre-order, only. LP is planned to be ready in mid-to late April.
Mallevs - Psychic Lines (Official Video
LP + 7” available from Gilgongo Records
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