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playing some records this saturday.

Tuesday April 29th, 2014.DREAMWEAPON (from Minneapolis, on Opal Tapes).MARSHSTEPPER (Ascetic House / Downwards / Chondritic Sound).MALLEVS (Gilgongo / Ascetic House).DISMAL LIGHT (Ascetic House / Cactus Man).
with DJs Jock Club and Glochids 
at The Monarch Theater Basement18+ / $6 / 8.30pm / enter-in through the back alley
[click for more info]
Happy Birthday El Duce

MALLEVS - s/t LP + 7” lathe 
Six tracks of dreary and beautiful female fronted industrial / post-punk / synth music (think early New Order by way of Pain Teens or Throbbing Gristle). LP version of a cassette previously released on Ascetic House. Pre-order comes with 7” lathe that is limited to those that choose to pre-order, only. LP is planned to be ready in mid-to late April.
Mallevs - Psychic Lines (Official Video
LP + 7” available from Gilgongo Records


The Body
with Lusitania, Biocidio, and Gential Stigmata

At Wall Street
25th Street and Chambers8pm / $8 / more info

it’s been a while since i’ve seen Lusitania, stoked.
New Mallevs tape - available only today. Then the door closes at midnight #ascetichouse #mallevs
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